bridal wedding preshots

Bridal Wedding Pre-shots

Bridal Wedding Pre-shots, how important are they to you?

Depending on the style of wedding you are planning will depend on if bridal wedding pre-shots are important to you or fit in with your wedding day.

One thing that I have always loved about bridal wedding pre-shots is the story that is told. The bridal pre-shots can be the first turn  of the page to the new chapter in your life, starting with your wedding love story. Taking the time to schedule pre-shots for the groom and groomsmen would be a perfect accent to the beginning of the story, showing the two individuals joining together as one.

Bridal wedding pre-shots also bring special memories shared with those closest to you captured with photography. The photographs can make for special gifts to the bridal party, parents and family members. Capturing the details with photographs are a great way to cherish the little beauty’s like your shoes, flowers, and rings that brought the whole wedding together.  The little details make up the bigger picture ;)

Here are a some bridal wedding pre-shot photos from a beautiful wedding shot this August by Imagine Studios.

bridal-wedding-preshots-1 bridal-wedding-preshots-2 bridal-wedding-preshots-3 bridal-wedding-preshots-5bridal-wedding-preshots-8 bridal-wedding-preshots-9  bridal-wedding-preshots-11bridal-wedding-preshots-10 bridal-wedding-preshots-13bridal-wedding-preshots-17 bridal-wedding-preshots-20 bridal-wedding-preshots-22

Bridal Wedding pre-shots. Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Lombardo! Stay tuned for more photos from their complete wedding day on future blog post.

Life. Love. Happiness.

Imagine Studios

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