Fun Headshots

Fun headshots from Imagine Studios!

Imagine Studios is always thinking outside the box when it comes to photography trends, so when it came time for new employee headshots the boys decided to have some fun with their headshots.

And here is what happened………

fun headshots
fun headshots
fun headshots
Fun headshots

…………………………..80’s inspired school portraits. :)

So, when it comes time to renew your headshots why not have fun with it. Instead of the same ol’, same ol,’ maybe switch it up a bit for some fun headshots.

You may not go extreme like Imagine Studios but you can spice it up with a nice shirt, like Vince’s tropical shirt seen here. Or maybe add a hint of color to your outfit, a nice scarf or bold color tie. The color will pop and give a nice contrast look to the photograph.

Whether  you decide to add some pizzazz to your work headshots or keep it classic, Imagine Studios is available to shoot your headshots today. We recently opened a new photography studio and are ready to rock and roll.

Book your us while we’re hot!  Request a quote here.

Life. Love. Happiness.

Imagine Studios

Photography: Imagine Studios

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