Wedding love story| Groomsman falls for bridesmaid

Wedding love story. The groomsman Michael falls for bridesmaid Tiffany.


Michael was a groomsman in a wedding and Tiffany was one of the bridesmaids. From the moment Michael laid on eyes on Tiffany at the rehearsal dinner Michael knew his life would be changing forever! That’s when the wedding love story began to unfold.

How They Met:
It wasn’t until after the wedding ceremony had ended and everybody was standing around for pictures that the flirting and courtship could finally begin. Michael slow to his game, Tiffany had grown tired of waiting so she fired out a sarcastic remark towards him and completely swept him off his feet while making him self-conscious at the same time. As this is Michael’s usual approach move he knew he had truly met his match.From that moment until the next morning when Michael had to return to Cincinnati to fly out, Tiffany and he were inseparable. Michael was flying to Chicago for a couple of days to visit with his sister and implored Tiffany to come see him. Without very much convincing needing to be done, Tiffany rearranged her work schedule and boarded a train for Chicago! Due to train difficulties, Tiffany traveled through the night and arrived to a beautiful sunny Chicago day where the love of her life was waiting with flowers!
Two days passed in the blink of an eye and Michael needed to return to Los Angeles. Come see me, he again implored and again without much convincing Tiffany was already working out in her head the earliest she could take a week off.
In Los Angeles time was once again flying in the blink of an eye and Michael said stay. Tiffany, the realist of the two, said I can’t….this is no place to raise a family. As Michael would one day learn is apparently always the case, Tiffany was right. Very well, meet me in Cincinnati, it’s too darn dreary and cold in Michigan and Cincinnati is beautiful and fun, Michael countered.

The Proposal:

Fast forward to July 13, 2013 on one of those beautiful, fun days Michael had promised Tiffany. Michael made breakfast to start the day and then the two headed off to the Cincinnati Art Museum for a relaxing afternoon. The lovely works of art were followed with dinner on the river and a post dinner stroll. Let’s take a walk on the suspension bridge, Michael suggested. Taking in the beauty of the sunset on that Cincinnati Skyline and the beauty of Tiffany, Michael reached into his pocket and got down on one knee…nobody will ever know who cried first that night but most people that know Michael have their money on him. Yes! Tiffany said with delight as Michael slipped that beautiful emerald on her finger, and here this story ends but the ultimate one begins….

The Wedding:
When it came to decide when and where we would marry, we knew we didn’t want to do anything big. We felt like in doing that the day isn’t about you but about everybody invited. I jokingly threw Vegas out there because I love Vegas and Tiffany agreed and said as long as it was outdoors she was fine wherever. I researched online all the different venues and we chose Juno Garden after being able to watch some wedding videos from there online. Planning the wedding was such a breeze and the whole staff went out of their way to make us feel special. Tiffany had sent a pic of a cake design she liked and they were able to replicate it perfectly!…and it was so delicious! I’ve never actually eaten a good wedding cake, and been to plenty of weddings, but ours still makes my mouth water thinking about it. The catering team signed a card for us, and the bartender had created a special drink just for our reception! As for Imagine Studios, we loved having Shannon photograph us! She was accommodating to all of our photo needs and really did a stunning job capturing us! Upon receiving our photo disc, we immediately enlarged a photo to canvas that will adorn our walls forever!




The Honeymoon:
For our honeymoon we chose Italy vs a beach vacation and it was the best decision we ever made! We started in Venice and worked our way down to Rome, and on the way ate so many great dishes, drank lots of fantastic wine, took a Vespa tour through the Chianti hills, and saw so much art and history! It was really hard to come back to the states after having the time of our lives! I think everybody should start their life together in Italy! If they do, spend as little time in Rome as possible because it is so large and overcrowded, but once you get into the heart of Italy and it’s culture you can’t help but fall more in love with each other!

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Congratulation Tiffany and Michael! Love at first sight does exist and you both prove it. What a beautiful way to fall in love. <3

Thank you for sharing your wedding love story with us. It was such an honor to capture your love on your wedding day. I send you all the best on your new journey together as husband and wife. Cheers to your new future. I hope it is full of lots of love, joy and travels!

A wedding Love Story

Life. Love. Happiness.

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Wedding Venue: Juno Garden  Wedding Photography: Imagine Studios  Wedding Video:  Imagine Studios

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